Hemi-pharma is the wholesaler pharmaceutical company that is operational since 2004. They have an extensively integrated network that ensures quality product provision at different health care levels with the minimal price possible.


Hemi-pharma deals in:

  • Commercialization of vaccine
  • Cold chain pharmaceutical products
  • Scientific cosmetic products

Hemi-pharma is a team of professionalism that are working tirelessly for 14 plus years with the aim of innovation and professionalism that ensures quality and safety serving the community with commitment and excellence.

The website has extensive diversified products which are produced with the aim of having budget friendly products to entertain the masses. They deal with top notch labs to produce their products. Hemi-pharma has also initiated with the task of opening vaccination clinics and pharmacies at private institutions, sanitoriums, primary and secondary health care departments at workshops etc.

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