Primobolan is a  UK steroid, which helps the power lifters and body builders to build lean muscle mass. It is equally famous among males and females due to its low androgenic potential. The low androgenicity leads to fewer adverse effects and less virilization. Primo Bolan is available in different forms such as pills and injectable liquid. The liquid form is less popular but it is more effective and shows rapid result.

Medically it was used for treating malnourishment among the newborn babies and children. It has also proved to effectively treat soft bones (osteoporosis) and sarcopenia. Body builders buy prim Bolan UK as it helps in preserving and toning lean muscle mass and it has minimal to zero liver toxicity and no typical side effects like alopecia, excessive body hairs in females making it very female friendly.

One can find the different variants on the online UK steroids shop. It is hard to get hold of the injectable version on licensed portals so body builders tend to procure it from underground black markets.

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