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Anadrol 50mg:

Anadrol is a steroid that is anabolic and androgenic in nature as it is one of the derivatives of testosterone known as dihydro-testosterone. It was initially used to treat anemia or any condition that can lead to anemias. Later it was also used for recreational purposes by the bodybuilders and athletes because of its ability to build muscles in mass and strength. It also improves the density of bones making them strong and it is possible by increasing the osteoblastic (bone formation) activity of the periosteal bone. These were some of the reasons for which bodybuilders buy Anadrol UK.

Mechanism of Action of Anadrol:

Just like all other steroids for sale UK, it also initiates the protein synthesis and also increases red blood cell production. Helps in gaining weight via muscles which are the main physique enhancers and performance booster. It also shreds extra fat. As a testosterone derivative it also improves the masculine traits. Overall well-being, endurance and sexual health in terms of stamina improves.

Recommended Dosage: 

It is used in cycle of 6 to 8 weeks. Two to three tablets are prescribed per day for the complete cycle. One can buy steroids online UK as per their required dose and quantity.

Adverse Effects: 

One can buy steroids UK but it is important to know the associated adverse effects, in case of Anadrol 50mg one may encounter the following side effects:

  1. Acne
  2. Enlarged breasts (gynecomastia)
  3. Water retention leading to bloated appearance
  4. Alopecia (scalp hair loss)
  5. Hirsutism (excessive hair growth on face and body)
  6. Nausea
  7. Allergic reactions

Where to Buy Anadrol 50 Online? 

One can acquire the steroid from drug stores through prescription but it is not for recreational purposes. With the increase in online businesses many online steroids stores are there such as UK steroids shop from where you can acquire the drug without providing the prescription. Different pharmaceuticals are producing the drugs and Cenzo Pharma is one of the leading brands making quality products in budget friendly prices. They offer door step delivery ensuring the effectiveness and intactness of the medicine.


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