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Anavar 50mg:

Anavar is the trade name of oxandrolone and is an anabolic steroid that is legal and FDA approved. However, it is still under the category of controlled drugs which means procurement without prescription is not possible. It is mainly used to treat diminished levels of testosterone or any disorder or disease that lowers the testosterone levels medically termed as male hypogonadism can lead to fertility issues and improper development and maturation of the sexual characteristics. Athletes and bodybuilders also buy steroids UK to enhance physique and boost performance.

Anavar and Bodybuilders: 

It was observed that bodybuilders and athletes buy Anavar UK to gain lean muscles and power in minimal possible time to perform effectively at the competition day. Anavar increases testosterone levels and also increase protein synthesis and phenomenal increments in strength and power. It also increases red blood cell levels that improves oxygenation and helps in performing better at training and competition.

Recommended Dosage: 

Anavar comes in varying potencies and one can procure Anavar steroids for sale UK in orally taken pills form that are available in a box containing 60 tablets each having 50 milligrams of dosage strength. Men can take one to two tablets per day for the whole length of the cycle. Females should take one tablet a day to keep the adverse effects to a minimal. Anavar is taken in cycle form and it is famous for the following reasons:

  1. As a cutting cycle it is very effective and sheds the excess fats.
  2. It can also be used in a stack with the strong anabolic steroid in bulking cycle where the main reason is to build muscles but that is used to keep the fat to a minimal level that may add ups during muscle gains.
  3. It can also act as a bridging steroid between cutting and bulking cycles.

Where to Buy Anavar Online? 

There are a number of portals where one can buy steroids online UK in all forms and dosages. UK steroids shop is one of the most reliable platforms to procure Anavar 50mg produced by Cenzo Pharma.


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