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A synthetic analog of the peptide hormone -melanocyte-stimulating hormone (-MSH), which promotes melanogenesis. Melanotan-II produces erections in men with ED (erectile dysfunction), tans the skin, and prevents skin cancers caused by sun exposure.

How does Avex Melanotan-2 Works?

Melanotan II produces its effects by binding with melanocortin receptors, each with different functions. MT-2  binds primarily to MC-4R and MC-1R but also binds weekly with MC-3R.

  • MC-1R.

    MC-1R is located on melanocytes and is stimulated to produce darkening of the skin and hair.

  • MC-2R.

    MC-2R binding, which is present in the adrenal glands, encourages the release of adrenal hormones like cortisol.

  • MC-3R

    The MC-3R is a receptor that regulates energy and hunger, but nothing else is known about it.

  • MC-4R.

    Modifications in eating and sexual behavior result from MC-4R stimulation. It also has an impact on energy homeostasis and male erectile function.

  • MC-5R.

    MC-5R is expressed in sweat glands and pancreatic islet cells.

Effects of Melanotan – II.

Melanotan II was originally designed for skin tanning but was found to produce a wide range of effects such as:-

  • Increasing sexual arousal.
  • Promoting tanning or skin pigmentation
  • Reducing compulsive behavior.
  • Controlling addiction.
  • Fighting hunger.
  • Reducing glucagon production.
  • Reversing features of autism.

MT-2 is a peptide that has been extensively studied, especially in human behavior, sexual desire, and impulse control. In clinical studies, the peptide has been studied in several different forms. The advantages of this specific peptide are the subject of active, ongoing study.

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