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Bodybuilders and athletes use anabolic steroids to enhance their performance and looks by increasing the muscular content and reducing fats and by doing so they increase their strength, stamina and endurance which helps them perform at their best.

When they buy steroids UK for performance enhancement, these steroids also cause a number of effects that may cause such as testosterone suppression, oligospermia and raised estrogen levels and these abnormalities in the hormone levels can cause a number of issues. Different drugs are than taken to cater for that deficiency.


Proviron 25mg is a drug that is indicated for treating sexual dysfunctions and increase in sperm count. Which is a common side effect after anabolic steroid cycle. It is chemically known as mesterolone, because of a potent nature it is labelled as one of the most potent steroids. It is available in different doses such as 25 milligrams which one can get from UK steroids shop.

Therapeutic Indications of Proviron: 

Individuals can buy steroids online UK for the following medical reasons:

  1. Infertility
  2. Sexual dysfunctions
  3. Decline physical and mental alertness in aging males.
  4. Oral androgenic substitute in cases of testosterone suppression.

Athletes buy proviron UK because it is very effective in cutting cycles as it blocks the aromatization process by inhibiting aromatase enzyme. It keeps the testosterone levels high. It can also be taken alongside other steroids to increase their efficacy.

Effects of Proviron 25mg: 

As it is anti-estrogen so it decreases fat deposits giving a trimmed look. it does not cause water retention so no bloated effect observed. It is an oral steroid available in the box packaging containing 50 pills in total. It can also be used in stacks with Anavar, Masteron, Winstrol and many others. It can be used at all levels of users.

Where to get Bioteq Proviron 25mg?

All the leading online steroid shops also have this drug at their portals. One can get the desired amount and get the drug delivered at door step but one must be cautious enough to consult an expert before taking such controlled drugs. 


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