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Testosterone Propionate: ESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE:

Testosterone propionate is the ester form of testosterone and is synthetically produced which is an androgen by nature and hence, belongs to the category of anabolic steroids. It is a slow-releasing ester but it has a short half-life. Chemically it is a derivative of testosterone with propionate as an ester attachment. It was produced for the betterment of patients having certain medical related issues but they are also a drug of interest for the individuals linked with bodybuilding and powerlifting.


It is available at the UK steroids shop by the brand name of Testoviron. Doctors prescribe it for the following conditions:

  1. Male hypogonadism cases.
  2. Breast cancer in post-menopausal women.
  3. Used by the athletes and bodybuilders to improve their muscle growth, strength and endurance. 
  4. Testosterone propionate was also used by heifers to accelerate the growth of the livestock.

It is not advised to take testosterone for longer durations as it can have its own set of adverse effects. If used under supervision for calculated amount of time, benefits can be procured. It is used in solo cycles and also in stacks with other anabolic steroids and other esters of testosterone. Bodybuilders buy steroids UK along with diet and strength training for enhancing their performance potential and physique appearance. 


Testosterone propionate is available in the following forms and one can buy steroids online UK:

  1. Viscous liquid that is to be administered intra-muscularly.
  2. Aqueous suspension form. Available in 30mg to 50mg concentration.
  3. Buccal tablets for placing alongside the mucosa of the mouth.

It is available in vial forms which contains the injectable medicine, the medicine is like an oil-based liquid. The medicine is injected intra-muscularly. As it is a short acting drug so firstly it replicates like the naturally produced male sex hormone testosterone and secondly the one has to administer it frequently to keep the levels at the optimum range around two to three times in a week. The injectable form is available at the pharmacies and one can also buy testosterone propionate UK from leading online stores. Always consult authentic sources to acquire authentic and licensed product.


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