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Active Ingredient: T3 25mcg
Tablet Count: 50 Counts
Active Half-life: 9 Hours
Classification: Peptides
Dosage Men: 50-100 Mcg/day
Dosage Women: 50-100 Mcg/day
Acne: Rarely
Water Retention: No
Hbr: No
Hepatology: Low
Aromatization: No

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Cytomed is the synthetic version of the human thyroid hormone and pharmacologically it is also classified as synthetic thyroid hormone. It is used to increase the performance activity of the thyroid gland. Suppression of thyroid or ow levels of thyroxine can greatly affect the day-to-day functions. It is also prescribed to treat some major forms of depressive disorders. One can buy Cytomed UK with the common brands name such as cynomel and Cytomel.


Cytomed being a synthetic thyroid hormone compensates for the hypo-thyroidism and helps I regulating the metabolism and energy production and reserves. It controls the overall utility of the energy and the digestion, how muscles function and the overall development of brain and bone health. It is also observed that it is slightly anabolic in nature. However, no evidence of androgenicity was seen. It is also used by the body builders buy steroids UK before any competition or during calorie deficient diet period to keep the energy and the morale up.


It comes in a tablet form. Each tablet contains the active ingredient in the ratio of 25 micrograms and the half-life is 6 to 7 days. The recommended dosage is 25mcg to 150mcg per day. It also causes water retention and is hepatotoxic so proper consultation is must. Any site offering steroids for sale UK option also have this drug as it is also used by the fitness freaks in their looks and performance enhancing regime.


  • Anxiety
  • arm, back, or jaw pain
  • blur vision
  • chest pain
  • chest tightness
  • decreased bone mineral density
  • decreased urine output
  • delusional 
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty breathing
  • dilated neck vein
  • dizziness
  • excessive
  • sweating
  • fainting
  • euphoria
  • fluctuating pulse
  • impaired fertility
  • increased appetite
  • increased bp
  • skin rash
  • joint swelling
  • limp pain in the hip or knee
  • menstrual changes
  • mental depression
  • muscle aches, weakness, or cramps
  • nausea
  • tremors
  • trouble sitting still
  • trouble sleeping
  • vomiting
  • weight gain or loss

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