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Substance: Fluoxymesterone
Application: Oral
Dosage: 5 mg/tab
Packing: 50 Tablets per Box
Elimination half-life: 9.2 hours
Drug Class: Androgen, Anabolic steroid.

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As per the pharmacological classification of the drugs Fluoxymesterone is the medicine that is androgenic anabolic steroid for sale UK and is available by different brand names produced by different pharmaceutical companies. It is available by the names of Halomed produced by Deus medical and others are Halotestin and Ultandren produced by different company dealing in anabolic steroids.


It is a synthetic steroid and is chemically same a biologically produced testosterone which is an androgen receptor agonist. Halomed is capable of initiating protein synthesis by interacting at cellular level and bringing about changes that are compulsory for producing muscle proteins. 

In the beginning people buy Halomed UK for curing medical related illnesses. It was used for the following medical conditions:

  1. Treatment of conditions causing low testosterone levels.
  2. Treating delayed puberty in boys.
  3. It is also capable of treating carcinomas related to breast tissues.
  4. Different forms of anemia can also be treated by Halomed.

Because of its ability to increase testosterone and red blood cells levels it is also used by bodybuilders as raised testosterone has anabolic ability and increased RBCs can increase vascularity and stamina by increasing continuous energy supply.


It is an orally taken anabolic steroid. That comes in tablet form and each tablet has the potency of 5mg. comes in a box containing 50 tablets with the total potency of 500mg per box. It is very effective as a pre-workout supplement (taken half to one hour before gym) as it will improve your stamina and then you can perform better at gym.

20mg of Halomed for 3 weeks followed by 40mg in the 4th week is the recommended cycle. One can buy Halomed form any buy steroids UK platform operating online.


Side effects are as below:

  1. Absence of periods
  2. Reversible clitoral enlargement
  3. Voice coarseness

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