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Raw Material: Fluoxymesterone
Manufacturer: DRIADA
Package: 100 tabs (5 mg/tab)

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There are a number of anabolic steroids for sale UK that were originally manufactured to treat medical related illnesses but because of tehri anabolic nature they were also used by the bodybuilders and fitness freaks to upgrade their fitness level so that they can perform better. Some are oral and some are injectable forms of steroids and Fluoxymesterone is also one of the oral steroids used as a performance enhancing steroidal supplement. 

Individuals use to buy Halo Driada UK for treating hypogonadism in males because it has the ability to raise the blood testosterone levels. Delayed puberty cases and transgender sexual maturation like cases respond very well to this steroid. It is available by different brand names and one of the promising brands is by the name of Halos by Driada EU manufacturers. 

It is an orally produce steroid and individuals suffering from anemia or breast cancer can also buy steroids UK (halo) as it is very effective in serving as a cure.


It is the synthetic testosterone like chemical that is androgenic agonist and has the ability to accelerate protein production that can help in muscle protein formation. It targets the amino acid linking body and accelerate the process hence, aids in increasing the number and the mass of the muscles.


It comes in pill form and one can buy steroids online UK from the pharmacies for therapeutic reason and for performance enhancement one has to look for online vendors. It comes in a box containing 100 tablets, each containing 5 milligrams per tablet. 


One can achieve following benefits from Halo by Driada:

  • Increased strength
  • Stamina boost up
  • Endurance enhancement
  • Less workout related fatigue that helps in prolong workouts.


  • Absent periods
  • Vocal changes in females
  • Irreversible clitoral enlargements


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