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Rip blend is a type of injectable anabolic and androgenic steroid which helps in speeding up the process of muscle gains and to increase the strength of the muscles. As it is a blended and injectable steroid it acts fast and long-term effects are seen and as far as side effects are seen it has minimal side effects. This is a dream steroid for any bodybuilder that wants minimal side effects with fast action and long-term benefits can buy RIP blend cenzo pharma UK.

How Product Works?

As the name indicates it is a blended mixture of three of the most effective substances which are:

Just as bodybuilders buy steroids UK individually to promote muscle growth and strength enhancement, they can be used in a blended mixture that will increase the effectiveness and half-life as they are different esters having different half-life and benefits.

How to Use?

As it is an injectable steroid it comes in the vial form and one can buy steroids online UK and from drug stores. Injection is given intramuscularly and as repeated injections are to be given than it is not wise to inject into the same muscle every time as concentration is high. It is recommended for stack bulking cycle and advised to ones who have already run numerous cycles before. Provided one is on a diet and enough strength training than it is best to start off with 200mg each week than dose can be increased provided it is effective and well-tolerated.


RIP blend shows fast results as it starts acting after two to three hours of injection because of the presence of fast-acting esters. Adds massive increments in strength and lean muscles.

Side Effects:

It is one of the safe steroids for sale UK but few of the reported side effects are:

  • Increase sweating
  • Acne
  • Insomnia
  • Aggression
  • High Bp

Where to Buy?

Always use natural ways for muscles and stamina build ups but if un-avoidable use genuine products from trusted channels such as UK steroids shop that ensure the authenticity of the products and well-being of the customer their utmost priority.


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