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Active Ingredient: Testosterone Propionate 100mg
Active Half-life: 1-1.5 Days
Classification: Anabolic Steroid
Dosage Men: 300-700 Mg/week
Acne: Yes
Water Retention: Low
Hbr: No
Hepatoxity: No
Aromatization: Yes

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Testosterone propionate is a short-acting ester steroid for sale UK synthetically produced testosterone versions. It is a slow-releasing androgenic anabolic steroid. Chemically it is a derivative of testosterone. It is produced by different types of trade names as per the manufacturing lab. Testomed-p is the production of Deus medical. 

It was basically used for treated hypogonadism in males that can affect the sexual development and maturation as well as overall growth of the body. Apart from hypogonadism, they were also prescribed to treat certain tumors (breast related carcinomas) in females. 

Bodybuilders also buy Testomed-p 100mg UK as it helps them lose excess fat and shape the body by preserving lean muscles.


Testosterone can help in the following ways:

  • It directly activates the androgenic receptors, as it is agonist of androgen receptors. After binding it causes the transcriptional changes that helps in bringing changes such as improving muscle quality and improving sexual health.
  • It also channelizes the free testosterone into the cytoplasm of target cells where it attaches to the androgenic receptors and bring about the effects.


One can buy steroids UK from the drug stores and online. Testomed-p is available in injectable form and solution comes in vials and 300 mgs to 700 mgs per week is the recommended dosage.

Bodybuilders can run Testomed-p as a solo cycle and also as a stack in different cutting and bulking cycle. When used with other potent steroids it helps in countering the suppression of testosterone steroids cause.


Almost all of the testosterone esters bring about the following effects:

  • Lose fat
  • Build lean muscles
  • Sexual health improvement
  • Libido improves
  • Sperm quality improves
  • Erectile dysfunction symptoms improve
  • Mood disorders are addressed
  • Increment in the mineral content of bone, improving its density.


  • Pain at infection site
  • Injection site infection
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased sweating
  • Headache
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia
  • Swollen and painful breasts

WHERE TO BUY Testomed P 100mg ONLINE?

One can buy steroids online UK, for the purpose of cutting or bulking cycles because on can not acquire it from drug stores for physique improvement purpose. UK steroids shop is one of the authentic online platforms to order your steroid from.


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