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HOW TO USE: This compound is indicated only for diluting or dissolving drugs for intravenous, intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, according to instructions from the manufacturer of the drug to be administered.

DOSAGE: 1ml/amp

SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS FOR STORAGE: Store below 30°C, Protect from light and DO NOT FREEZE.

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Watermed is a diluent that is categorized as injectable accessories. Watermed is a bacteriostatic water which is sterile and non-pyrogenic in nature and is used for injections. It is a sterile solution that contains benzyl alcohol in the percentage of 0.9%, which is 9 milligrams per ml. available with steroids for sale UK.


It acts as a solvent in which solute can be dissolved and prepared for intra-venous administration. The bacteriostatic ability maintains the sterility o the prepared solution as it kills most of the types of bacteria. The filler in the syringe is stable for much longer durations and can be re-introduced several times as the efficacy of the prepared solution remains intact for a much longer duration.


Individuals buy Watermed UK as an accessory along with injectable medicines. It has the following benefits and effects:

  1. Alcohol acts as the bacteriostatic preservative. It hinders any sort of bacterial growth.
  2. Used to dilute the injectable medicine to ease the drug administration. Viscous and thick drugs are more painful while injecting.
  3. Used for preparing intra-muscular, intra-venous and sub-cutaneous injection preparation.
  4. Also helpful in dissolving powder form of medicine and it acts as a vehicle to make a solution that is capable of injecting.
  5. It helps maintaining the dissolved peptides stable for long time.


Watermed by Deus medical is manufactured and assembled in ampoule form. 1 ml of alcohol water is present in per ampule and it comes in a box packaging in which each box has 10 ampules. The dilution and related aspects must be done as per the guidance of the manufacturer. Sheer attention is demanded to ensure perfect dilution as any mis-management can lead to in-effectiveness of the drug.

It is often used by the bodybuilders to dilute the anabolic steroid to ease administration or to dilute the dose as per the condition and age and level of professionalism. One can buy it online from the sites from where one can buy steroids online UK.

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