Winstrol Suspension 50mg/ml

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Product Overview

Winstrol 50mg (Stanozolol) was originally used to treat anemia, hereditary angioedema, to speed up recovery after surgery. Later, cyclists begin using Stanozolol with tremendous success in competition. Winstrol is one of the most used anabolic steroids in sports today.

Despite its androgenic qualities, Winstrol Suspension 50mg/ml has a drying impact. Winstrol 50mg is utilized in athletics, fitness, and bodybuilding because it’s effective and has few negative effects.

How it works?

After penetrating the cell nucleus, the active ingredient of the 50mg Winstrol (Stanzolol) activates its genetic apparatus, increasing synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid, ribonucleic acid, and protein structure. It also activates enzymes, increases respiratory tissues, synthesizes oxidative phosphorylation, and promotes accumulation of adenosine triphosphate in cellular molecules (places responsible for energy). 

Proper Use and Dosage

Winstrol tablets and vials are available, but choose the vials. Men use 50-100mg everyday or every other day. Stanozolol alone lasts 5-6 weeks.

Winstrol steroids are often mixed with other steroids based on desired results. If the goal is to build muscle and strength, stronger androgens like Testosterone, Danabol, or Anadrol are used. This results in a balanced course with lesser estrogenic activity. The athlete grows muscle with little fat and water.


Winstrol isn’t like other steroids for sale. The medicine has little effect on body weight, but it helps burn body fat by defining muscles, thinning skin, and increasing vascularity. Winstrol is used in powerlifting and athletics and athletes buy steroids USA like Winstrol Suspension 50mg/ml because it gives athletes endurance and stiffness without causing them to gain weight.

Side Effects

Winstrol causes acne, greasy skin, and hair loss. Reduced endogenous testosterone can cause high blood pressure.It can also inhibit adolescent growth. 

Older males develop prostate cancer or hyperplasia. Leukocyte alterations and bone discomfort are further side effects. Winstrol can cause virilization in women who use it. 

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