Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are set of rules that form a legal relationship between customer and the client. It is very important to know the terms and conditions, always give a thorough reading before opting to order. One is only liable to them once one buys any product or place an order via online website. If one is unable to comprehend them one can contact the helpdesk.

Most important terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The company can change the term and conditions at any point without any prior notice so it is always safe to keep the copy of the term and condition while one is placing the order.
  • While buying from another country one must know that their terms and conditions do not affect your area of residence law.
  • One can make amendments and can also cancel order before it is dispatched, after that one has to file for a request form, acceptance or rejection solely depends on the company’s supervisor.
  • One can get order update through website contact us page and also from the helpline desk.
  • If order is placed for any place where delivery is not possible or is not entertained the customer is informed well in advance to save time.

General Restrictions:

  • Product description must not be considered safe for the purpose of self- treatment.
  • Only adults (18 above) can buy steroids UK.
  • The products can be used for oneself, illegal to sale to a third party.
  • Company is not responsible for the adverse effects due to misuse or abuse.
  • One must agree that that they are buying after consultation.
  • Company is not responsible for late orders due to national holidays or any un-fortunate incident.


The pharmaceutical reserves the right to cancel the order if:

  • Incomplete information is provided.
  • Invalid address in provided.
  • Confused order placement in terms of medicine name, dosage or quantity.
  • If the mentioned drug is not available on their online web page.
  • In case you have not received a confirmation mail via email or text message. Contact the 24/7 Live support rather than repeating the order.
  • All details regarding the order confirmation, packing and dispatching are send via e-mails. In case of any delay or query contact the customer Representative.


The company keeps on updating the information related to the medicine. They also add new drugs and also remove some previously sold medicines depending upon the buyer’s response and the online company reserves the right to change any previously provided information related to the drug such as:

  1. Selling price
  2. Type of brand
  3. Product description
  4. Availability status

All these aspects can be amended as per the company’s choice and policy without any prior deadline or notification. As a licensed practitioners they stick to the morality and do not change the description, price or any other aspect of the drug whose order has already been changed and the confirmed orders will be delivered on the same previous form and price.