What does Anavar do to the body and price of anavar?

What does Anavar do to the body and price of Anavar?

Introduction to Anavar:

Anavar is also found in the market as oxandrolone. It is an oral type of drug which is a synthetic steroid or an anabolic androgenic steroid which is effective in increasing the weight which is lost due to a variety of reasons. It is also one of the common or most used anabolic form of drug in the field of fitness by either the athletes or the bodybuilders. The number of benefits offered by this steroid are huge but at the same time one should remain careful about the side effects of Anavar.
When it comes to Anavar price, it is more costly than many other forms of anabolic and androgenic steroids. This drug or medicine was initially made to increase the lean muscle mass or to promote it especially in those people or patients who were suffering from such conditions which lead to muscle waste.  It is not only used by men but also by women as it is not a harsh or potent form of steroid.

Why people use Anavar:

There are a number of uses of this drug which are as follows:

  1. Anavar UK is one of the main drug to help gain weight.
  2. Bodybuilders use Anavar to promote lean muscle mass.
  3. Many catabolic illnesses or diseases can be cured with Anavar.
  4. In case of burns, doctors can prescribe this steroid.
  5. It is also effective for treating infections.
  6. Anavar can also be effectively used after a surgery.
  7. In many cases, doctors may prescribe Anavar to cure osteoporosis.
  8. Many females use this anabolic steroid as it is female friendly.
  9. Bodybuilders and athletes use Anavar for building or increasing their strength overall.
  10. It is one of the best ways to cut extra fat from the body.
  11. Those who are finding it difficult to grow their muscles can use this steroid instead of working out heavily in the gyms.
  12. More nitrogen can be held in the body by taking Anavar which then in turn is good for muscle growth.

Side effects caused by this drug:

Although it is a mild form of steroid which is best for female users as well, still there are different side effects which are associated with this drug and include the following:

  1. One of the common side effects of Anavar include development of masculine characteristics in females.
  2. Prolonged erection of penis is another common side effect of Anavar.
  3. In some cases, Anavar may lead to breast pain as well.
  4. Enlargement of breasts is another side effect of this drug.
  5. Many people who use Anavar report frequent urination issues.
  6. One of the mild side effect of this steroid includes diarrhea and bloating of abdomen as well.
  7. Leg cramps may also be one of the mild side effect of Anavar or oxandrolone.
  8. It may be toxic to the liver as well but not to a great extent.
  9. Some women who use Anavar can face menstrual irregularities as well.
  10. Enlargement of clitoris is another side effect of this drug in women.

Mechanism of action:

Anavar which is a kind of androgenic hormone works by increasing the level of protein or its amount in the body. This then is responsible for the growth of good quality muscles and also helps to increase the weight overall. Normally the users of this steroid can get results quickly compared to many other forms of steroids probably within or after a period of up to two weeks. This can also be one of the main reason that people prefer to buy Anavar

Anavar Cycles:

This anabolic steroid is famous in the field of fitness and can be used effectively in different cycles. The cycles may be different for men and women. Some of its cycles are explained as follows:

1.  Anavar cycle for men

Those men who use only Anavar in a cycle can use it in the dose of 50 mg in the initial week and then increase it to 100 mg later in the cycle. But it should be a gradual increase. In some cases involving the Anavar only cycle, the dose of Anavar can be 15 mg a day for the first week which then can go up to 20 mg a day gradually in the later weeks. This is best cycle for men who are beginners or newbies in terms of using anabolic steroids. As Anavar is less potent and mild, this cycle will lead to less side effects and this can be easily used by beginners without the fear of developing side effects.

2.  Anavar cycle for women

Those women who want to use only Anavar in a cycle can do so by using it in the dose of 5 mg a day for the initial week and then increasing the dose to 10 mg a day for the next four weeks. This is a suitable or an effective cycle for such women who are newbies and have zero experience of using steroids. Women should remain extremely cautious about the dose of Anavar and the time duration for which the steroid is used to avoid the development of masculinization side effects in them.

3.  Testosterone and Anavar

This is a common cycle which is only meant for men because it can lead to the symptoms of virilization in women. Moreover testosterone is suitable for newbies as it causes less side effects. It offers more benefits and leads to less side effects. In such a cycle, the use of testosterone with Anavar will give huge increases in terms of muscle mass and also will lead to increased levels of strength. Such a cycle for beginners involves taking Anavar in the dose of 15 mg a day for initial three weeks and testosterone in the dose of 200 mg a week which later can be increased to 300 mg and then to 350 mg a week. As these are conservative doses of both the steroids, such a cycle will not cause serious side effects.

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